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Friday, 19 March 2010

A blank block for socks....

Here is something new from Goldenwine. Not fluff, but a sock blank.

It's knitted from two strands of superwash sock wool, so you can frog and wind it into two 50g balls of pretty-very-identically patterned sock wool. It would also make one 100g ball were the colours of the second half will be a mirror of that of the first half.

This one is blank, and sells for R80 (and whatever postage is to get to you).
I will also be dyeing some of the sock blocks, and a dyed block will sell for R100 (Same again on postage).

Current sock block dye ideas include:

  • A slow colour gradient.
  • A 'faux fair isle'.
  • Zebra stripes!

    Yes, the rovings and batts are still happening :)

    I'll be posting the available batts and rovings Really Soon Now.

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