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Sunday, 9 August 2009

My Rovings

I have been making good use of the long week-end, and dyed a bunch of Merino rovings. I confirmed with my supplier that these rovings are 100% SA Merino, and sourced from mulesing-free farms. All the dyeing shown below was done with food colouring and food dyes.

Here are some pinks:

100g, 23 micron - 'Pale Roses'

100g, 23 micron - ' Purple Rose' - Sold!

100g, 21 micron -'Rose petals and lilacs' - Sold!

100g, 23 micron - 'Pink Blink'

Here are some brights:

100g, 21 micron -'Scrambled sunrise'

100g, 21 micron - 'Autumn Birdbath' - Sold!

100g, 23 micron - 'Demented Rainbow' - Sold!

100g, 23 micron - 'Blaze and Blink'

These ones are going to the Johannesburg Weavers and Spinners Guild Fiber Breakaway with me in September:

100g, 23 micron - 'Radioactive Khakibos'

100g, 23 micron - 'Plumbago'

100g, 23 micron - 'Singed Cyan'

200g, 21 micron - 'Pansy' - Sold!

The next three are 100g rovings, dyed to match each other.
2 x 100g, 23 micron - 'Garden Gate'

Here is the third 100g of 'Garden Gate', still wet!

I hope to get a good grip on spinning on a wheel during the week's classes there!


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